Autocount Accounting 2.0

EmpoweringYour Business with Next Generation Accounting Software

Autocount V2.0 is all you need for your daily accounting routine to keep your business on track. The V2.0 version strengthens its flagship features, indulging improvements and experiencing new trends.

Fall in love with our FEATURES

One Item, Multiple Pricing

Maintain up to 6 selling prices for each item and by debtor’s level. By entering standard cost and desired mark ups, the system will auto-calculate and update the new selling price and profit margin for you.

Personalized Layout

Customize the document layout according to your preference or to suit your Company’s needs. Save and share your frequently used layout template amongst your team mate to save time and minimize repetitive tasks.

Redesigned Interface with KISS Method

Our Keep-It-Smile-System (KISS) displays all key information in live tiles and dashboard styles. The symbolic icons and buttons make data entry easier.

Documents Flow Management

Have a bird’s eye view of your entire documents flow at a glance. Easy to track and identify the inter-related documents in one single view and zoom in for details.

Financial Report Writer

The new layout editor allows you to customize nearly any aspect of a financial report. It also comes with report conversion capability to turn data into visually appealing charts and pivot table, or export to excel file for further analysis.

Smart and Quick Searching

Intelligent search function allows you to conduct searches in multiple columns simultaneously. Our search engine is flexible and capable of handling various searching patterns.

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